Monday, December 29, 2014

Happy New Year Mesh Wreath

So now that I know how to make a multi-loop bow, I thought I'd put my new skill into action.  What better way than to embellish my Happy New Year Mesh Wreath with a layered bow.  First things first, the mesh wreath...                  

I'm ready to put away the Christmas decorations and spruce up my front entrance.  I decided to try my hand at making a mesh wreath.  The leopard and peacock ribbons which I found at Hobby Lobby for 60% off were my inspiration.  You can see the leopard ribbon in my Basic Bow Making post.  The other ribbon is a chartreuse green with a peacock design.  So pretty!  When I picked these up, I still wasn't sure what I would do for my front door decor.  It all came together when I came across the metal frames and mesh ribbons.  I chose a teal mesh ribbon that has a little sparkle.  The teal color is also in peacock feather detail on the ribbon.

Materials needed:

-16" metal frame for mesh wreath (near floral department in Hobby Lobby)
-wide mesh roll in teal blue
-two coordinating ribbons
-1-2 packages chenille stems (pipe cleaners) in blue 
-3 peacock feathers
-1 other feather 
-small metal chalkboard on a post


1.  Cover frame with mesh ribbon using chenille stems to attach.  I used entire roll overlapping where I'd previously tied ribbon.  It will be nice and full.

2.  Make two 8 loop bows, one without small inner loop.  The bow without inner loop will be behind other bow with inner loop.  I made the leopard bow w/o inner loop and my peacock ribbon bow with a small inner loop.  I layered peacock ribbon bow in front of leopard bow and used chenille stem to attach together.

3.  Attach bow to upper left corner of wreath.  Trim ends of ribbon.

4.  Take 3 peacock feathers (stems up, feathers down) holding in "A" shape.  Place different (shorter) feather in middle overlapping center peacock feather.  Attach together with chenille stem.  Place on wreath by threading through center loop of bow.

5.  Using a gold paint pen, write Happy New Year on chalkboard stake.  Add to middle of wreath so post angles toward lower left side of wreath and sign shows.  The stake will actually slide through frame tightly so you don't have to use wire or chenille stem. 

That's it!  Your wreath is ready to hang your door.  When I was picking up the supplies for this project, the lady at Hobby Lobby had a great idea.  She said this blue mesh base would be perfect for a summery wreath by adding a fun ribbon and a cute pair of flip flops.  That's something to look forward to and I like the idea of reusing the mesh wreath for another season/holiday.  

So, stop "meshing" around aready and get busy making a new door wreath to kick off a fresh new year.  Cheers! 

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