Monday, December 8, 2014

Nature in a Bottle Ornaments

Four days before Thanksgiving I did a juicing detox which left me with more than a plethora of square-shaped clear plastic bottles - 7" tall and 4" tall.  Twenty four bottles all together!  I just didn't have the heart to get rid of these unique bottles and knew that they would come in handy for something. Maybe organizing craft supplies or holding drink mix gifts.  I just wasn't quite sure what that something would be but felt the inspiration would strike...eventually.                                       

I've recently seen many nature-inspired ornaments from faux snow globes to cloche ornaments (which I love!).  One particular ornament with a bird nest caught my eye as I was shopping at World Market. 

Although this ornament is absolutely adorable (and goes along perfectly with my botanical themed tree), I would need several and couldn't justify the expense - $80 for six ornaments.  Yikes!

Can you guess what I used to hold my nature-inspired ornaments?  You got it!  I upcycled my clear plastic bottles to work some creative magic.  Using dried moss, twigs from my yard, small glitter pine cones, small bottle brush trees and tiny birds (for crafting), I was able to create several ornaments at a fraction of the cost of just one of these glass cloche ornaments.    

Not only can you hang these on your tree but you can cluster a few of them as a Christmas display (as I did on top of my piano) or even use them as a place card holder.  I also placed several on my botanical themed tree.  For place card holder, I punched a 1.5" circle of card stock or scrapbook paper, wrote name, and glued to toothpick.  It easily sticks into small hole where ribbon is coming out on lid.   

Idea for Place Card Holder 

If you don't have plastic bottles, you could recycle baby jars or other small clear container.  I like that the plastic bottles are very light weight (something to consider if you have a fresh tree because even a small glass jar will be too heavy).  Another upside of using plastic jars or bottles - if you accidentally drop one (which I have  already done), it won't break.  Phew!    

Here's the tutorial:

Drill hole in center of plastic lid. Brush Mod Podge on top of lid and center paper circle on top.  Cut vertically around circle.  Adhere to side of lid with glue gun.  

Thread jute twine through lid, make a knot on underside while leaving loop on outside as hanger.  Add moss, twigs, and other natural element (baby bird, pinecone, etc) to bottle. 

Screw on lid.  Add natural ribbon around side of lid and hot glue in place.  Brush a small amount of Mod Podge to exposed lid, sprinkle with course glitter. 

That's it!  Your ornament is ready to display is all of it's nature-inspired glory.  PS - For my local family and friends - I still have bottles left over after all the ornaments I made.  Let me know if want to make a few of your own.  I'd be happy to donate some of my bottles and moss.  I still have a mostly full bag.  

Let every heart
Prepare him room
Let heaven and nature sing
Let heaven and nature sing
Go tell of his glory
Go shout the new story
Let Heaven
Heaven and nature sing



  1. I love these! I agree that the ones at World Market are cute but too expensive. I may have to try this project too!

    1. I still have several empty bottles that I would gladly donate to your crafting cause. It was a fun and easy project!

  2. I'll take a few if you don't need them. Thanks!