Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Mini Moss Wreath

While I was working on yesterday's post, I had a vast collection of little round plastic rings left over from the bottles I reused in the Nature in a Bottle Ornaments.  A random and rather clever idea (if I do say so myself) just popped into my head as I stared at the mossy mess on my kitchen counter - Mini Moss Wreaths!                               

These little wreaths are so small and so cute that they just make my heart smile!  You could use these in variety of ways to add a festive holiday touch to your home:

Dangle from a potted flower or Rosemary topiary

Tie around neck of small decorative reindeer

Embellish existing art pieces 
The little wreath gives 
my deer head and "Joy" chalk art a festive touch

Add to wrapped package

Tie to post of table lamp

Embellish candle holder

Add to picture frame

Use as place card holder by adding guests initial in middle

String onto length of ribbon for garland

Since my glue gun was already piping hot (and hopefully not too bothered), I thought I'd give this random idea a go.  I carefully applied hot glue around plastic ring and pressed into pile of mossy remnants on my counter.  I continued to press moss into glue with my fingers. Be careful not to burn your yourself!  I added more glue to empty spots and scrunched more moss into glue to cover entire plastic ring.  I trimmed any excess or wild stragglers with my scissors to give wreath a somewhat uniform appearance.  I tied a tiny bow out of narrow ribbon and glued at the top.  

Although this project is a little (okay, a lot) messy, the end result is worth all the moss that ends up on your counter, floor, hands, and clothes.  I might have found a twig or two in my hair.  No worries!  Once you see how cute and functional these little guys are  - you will be smitten!

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