Thursday, December 4, 2014

Burlap Jewelry Organizer

Remember that Burlap Memo Board I created a few weeks ago?  Well, it's gone through a bit of a personality change.  When my mom was visiting during the Thanksgiving holiday, she mentioned that she needed a better way to organize her jewelry (especially necklaces).  Shh, don't tell...this may end up being her belated birthday gift or a Christmas gift (with a little something extra but I'll keep that a secret) - wink, wink.                     

I used the same frame and burlap canvas as the burlap memo board.  I had a few extra knobs and drawer pulls left over from the installation of our office cabinets a few years ago.  I also had a random package of curtain rings with clips that matched the knobs and drawer apull.  It's amazing what you can create with things you just having sitting around your house!  

Ladies (and gentlemen), this project does require the use of a drill.  Yes, a drill.  Do not be afraid.  If you've never used one, have your significant other or a friend show you how to use this handy power tool.  You will feel so incredibly empowered! I recommend the 18-Volt One+ Lithium Ion by Ryobi because it's compact, powerful yet lightweight.  Several different combo kits (one of which is on my Christmas list) also offer this drill plus other tools including power driver, extra batteries, etc.  I have no affiliation with Ryobi but recommend their tools because they are easy to use and affordable for the home enthusiast.    

Ryobi 18-Volt One+ Lithium Ion Drill - Basic Kit $79

I positioned the drawer pull in the center at the top of the canvas (about 1" from the inside edge of the frame).  I drilled 2 holes for drawer pull 3" apart (this is distance between screw holes on back of drawer pull).  The screws that came with pull and knobs were too long so I rummaged through my extra hardware supplies to find 4 shorter screws with same diameter and thread as original screws.  You may have to pop into the hardware store for the shorter screws but take the original screw with you so you can compare length.  

Back of framed canvas to show screw holes.  I ended up adding 
washers then screws before tightening into place.  

I pushed screws into holes from back of framed canvas then used a manual screw driver to hand tighten into holes in pull.  About 3" down from pull, I drilled another hole 1" from inside edge of frame for the knob on both sides.  Again, I pushed screws through holes from back of framed canvas and tightened into knobs.  There's a small space in the center at the bottom so I'm thinking of adding a cup style pull or soap dish for earrings or small bracelets. 

The creative possibilities are limitness with this project depending on what you have on hand.  Rummage through your house to see what you can find.  Stores like Hobby Lobby and World Market also carry a wide array of unique knobs and pulls.  You might even consider scouring bins in antique shops or yard sales for unique hangers.  Happy crafting!

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