Thursday, December 18, 2014

Rustic Wrappings

Have you started wrapping all those gifts you have stashed away?  Some of you over-achievers out there may have all your gifts purchased and wrapped!  That's impressive and something to aspire to but it most definitely won't happen for me this year (it would help if my boys stopped changing their lists!). I haven't even sent out Christmas cards!  Since it's already the 18th, I guess that ship has sailed unless it's of the electronic variety.  I could always send out Happy New Year cards...                                                    

For the few gifts I have purchased, I've continued my botanical theme with my gift wrapping.  I used the same wrapping papers that I've utilized in several Christmas crafts - Party Popper Invite, Craft Tube Ornaments, Nature in a Bottle Ornaments, and the Christmas Tablescape.

Mix textures and patterns to add interest and dimenstion to your packages.  Adding rustic elements such as jute twine, burlap ribbon, pine cones, pine fronds, and mini moss wreaths extends the nature-inspired theme.  

Love this polka dot ribbon which coordinated with all three papers -  red stripe, botanical print, and leopard print.   

As I was walking our dog yesterday afternoon, the pine trees along the walking path were loaded with an abundance of pinecones in all sizes.  I was so very tempted to collect a few (okay, a bushel) but had no means to carry them home.  These could be left completely natural, lightly sprayed with a glitter paint, or lightly flocked.  Adding a small detail like a simple pine cone adds dimension to your wrapping.  

A magnolia leaf can easily become a natural gift tag.  Write the name in metalic marker to add a touch of sparkle.   

My philosphy is to keep it simple but make it special when wrapping your Christmas (or Hanukkah) gifts.  Anyone can throw a toy or sweater in a gift bag and call it a day.  That's okay 11 months out of the year.  Christmas and Hanukkah are special though.  I think people (especially kids) really want to open a present that's wrapped.  

It doesn't have to be all-consuming or costly.  But it does take a little creativity and a little bit of time to give your holiday wrapping that special touch.  Just step outside your are sure to find a few treasures to add natural details to your gift wrapping.  Happy wrapping!

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