Friday, December 5, 2014

JOY Christmas Tree Topper

I must make a confession.  When I said that I'd finished my big "pretty" botanical themed tree, that was mostly true. It's lacking one crucial element - a tree topper!  That's like putting on a great party dress then skipping the finishing touches - chandelier earrings, soft pashmina wrap, and your peep-toe Jimmy Choos (a girl can dream, right?). Pardon me, I got a little distracted there for a minute fantasizing thinking about those shoes. Okay, let's get back to the finishing touch on my Christmas tree...                                                                                    

As I was listening to Christmas music while driving my son to basketball practice, "Joy to the World" started playing.  It's one of my favorite Christmas songs. That being said, it was the inspiration behind my JOY Tree Toppers. 

Actually, I came up with a couple of different designs.  I will be using the crown topped JOY word design on my big tree.  I love the fleur-de-lis design too so I'm not sure I want to part with it (my sister can be very persuasive though).  If she decides not to use it, I think it would look nice in a skinny vase on my dining room side board or in my kitchen window. 

This project couldn't be easier.  Here are the supplies you will need:

"JOY" Tree Topper
- small chipboard crown
- chipboard letters - J, O, Y
- 24" dowel (square or rectangular, perferably)
- pearl stickers (or other jewel stickers)
- gold craft paint
- scrapbook paper (I chose a creamy white with words) 

- Plug in your glue gun
- Trace letters onto scrapbook paper and cut out.
- Paint crown, dowel, and edges of letters.
- Using Mod Podge, decoupage cutouts of letters onto chipboard letter base. Let dry.
- Place pearl stickers onto top of crown.
- After crown and letters are dry, hot glue onto dowel. 
- Add bow at bottom under the "Y"
- Place on your tree and admire your handy work :-D

Fleur-dis-lis Tree Topper Instructions:
- Plug in your glue gun.
- Trace large fleur-dis-lis chipboard shape onto scrapbook paper and cut out.
- Punch out 3 small circles of white sparkly paper (2" diameter) and place toward bottom of shape (see picture)   
- Using Mod Podge, decoupage cut out onto chipboard shape. Place circles toward bottom of shape and glue on. Mod Podge over the top of paper.  Let dry. 
- Place pearl stickers where desired.
- Hot glue letters in center of each circle.
- Hot glue shape onto dowel.
- Add bow at bottom and place on your tree.

My JOY topper is the "crowning" touch to my tree.  Now I'm really finished ... honest.  I hope it inspires you to create a one-of-a-kind topper to give your tree that special touch that is uniquely yours. Have a very blessed Christmas season!

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