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Whether your creative space is big, small or some where in between, I hope my space inspires you to keep your supplies organized and your ideas (not to mention projects) flowing freely.  Over the years, my space has evolved from any flat surface (including the floor) to the kitchen table to a "cloffice" (that's an office in a closet) and now to my very own room (well, kind of).  Technically, my creative space is our home office/study and our dog's favorite lounging spot but everyone let's me believe I rule this room as my creative domain.  ;-)              

My room has high ceilings and great light which make it feel so spacious.  One of my favorite aspects of the room is my counter height craft table (which I created with components from IKEA).        

It was a fraction of the cost of other tables I'd ogled in the Pottery Barn and Home Decorators catalogs. Don't get me wrong, I love both of these stores but their tables were simply out of my budget.  Not only does my table hold the vast majority of my supplies, but the height is perfect for standing to craft (which I prefer).  When I need to take a load off to edit photos or write a post, I have a couple of stools at the ready which easily tuck under the table when not in use.

Shortly after moving into our home almost six years ago, we made an investment to add built-in cabinets to our study.  Klaus at KG HomePro did an amazing job.  I designed the cabinet configuration I wanted and he built them to my specifications.  In addition to adding value to our home, the custom cabinets offer both storage and computer work space.   

I especially like how the built-in desk has two work surfaces (the left side is officially mine and never looks as neat as it does in this picture).  The right side was intended to be my husband's desk area but he actually prefers to set up his laptop on the craft table.  The table has a larger work surface to spread out his papers.  

Do you see the rolling gift wrap cart in the corner?  It's perfectly sized to fit in that small space and I can easily roll it over to the table.  

I apologize for the poor quality of this photo but wanted to show you the soft seating in the room which is comfy for reading, enjoying a coffee, or a peaceful spot to get away from all the boys in the house.  This is also one of Bella's favorite spots to nap or look out the window.

Love the view as you enter the room.  This art piece brings me joy!  It's called Tree Type I, a reproduction canvas print by Austin artist, Judy Paul.  I have the companion piece, Tree Type II, in my foyer which is adjacent to my creative space.  Her mixed-media art is positive and happy beginning with themes including nature, animals, birds, and energy.  You may or may not have noticed by I have thing for birds, nests, and globes.     

I found this great little shelf/cubbie organizer at Hobby Lobby (50% off at the time - sweet!) which hangs above my craft table to organize my myriad punches and scissors.  

Well, I hope you've enjoyed this little tour of my creative space.  Be on the look out for a post on how to create the DIY craft table for your uniquely nested home!  

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