Friday, March 25, 2016

Play {Therapy} Room Design Plan

Have you ever heard the expression, "March comes in like a lion and out like a lamb"?  I always thought it had something to do with the Easter season since it's generally celebrated toward the end of March.  But the saying is actually related to the unpredictable weather in early spring with March often being blustery and cold one day then calm and sunny another day.  That's how my month has been and it hasn't had anything to do with the weather!  It's been a crazy month in our household so my posts (okay, post) have been lacking (to say the least).  Between my birthday at the beginning of the month, travel-work demands, a dog with chronic allergies, spring break, and my son's oral surgery (NOT a fun way to spend a break from school), our month is finally beginning to calm down.  Keep your fingers crossed!

During my limited down time and periods of relative calm (I do live in a house full of boys), I've been helping a friend redesign her family play room.  I like the design so much that I think I'm going to steal it for my new therapy room! Here's the design:

I say "family" because she wanted the gender neutral room to be functional for both children and adults.  My friend needs a work space within the room where she can pay bills, plan meals, or peruse Pinterest when she's not playing with the kids. 

I incorporated the Kallax workstation (IKEA) which combines a desk with storage shelving for books or craft supplies.  She could even add a smaller Kallax shelf with four openings on each side of workstation for additional storage.  As an added bonus, it would also offer display space on top of the side shelving.

My original inspiration for the room came from children's artwork by Melanie Mikecz.  You can find it online at Rosenberry Rooms and Oopsy Daisy.  

The Elephant and Red Bird

Too Tall Giraffe

Rainbow Zebra

The art is happy and kid-friendly but not babyish.  The fun but slightly muted colors really inspired me and would flow with the rest of her home. Another friend (Hi - Dr. Amy) has this same art in the waiting room of her pediatric dental practice.  It makes me smile every time I walk in the door.  


I added the Branas basket (IKEA) to the workstation shelving to offer much needed hidden storage.  I actually have these in my home office/craft room. They are very sturdy and hold a lot of stuff.  The tag holder (below) from The Container Store can be added to baskets to identify their contents.  I'm BIG into labeling.  It helps you see at-a-glance what you have in a particular container.  It also helps you stay organized.  

I just happened to come across the gray play table and chairs for kids (which my friend loved) when shopping online for an upcoming baby shower at Toys R Us.  It fits the design scheme perfectly because we wanted the table in gray but didn't want to spend big bucks.  I think $99 is an excellent price for all three pieces.  It's much less expensive than the Pottery Barn or Land of Nod versions (although I love what these stores have to offer).  Some of us are on a budget.  Down here in Texas, I have not seen any money growing on trees. :-)  Bummer!
So we've covered covered the art, workspace (for mom), and play table.  Let's talk storage.  I think the Antonius frame and wire baskets unit (IKEA) is a great option for toy storage.  Whether you are storing lincoln logs, leggos, barbie dolls, or board games this will provide functional storage at a very affordable price.  The Container Store has a similar (but pricier) option in their elfa system.

Other items - throw pillows and storage seating - give the room interest and function.  We are thinking of adding an iron-on detail to striped pillow in a dark gray but haven't quite figured that out just yet. The Poppin Storage Seat has interior storage and also offers extra seating.  It can hold a person over 250 pounds!  

Poppin Box Seat 
The Container Store

Bubble Storage Stool
The Container Store

Striped Pillow Cover
Hobby Lobby

I really hope my friend doesn't mind me "borrowing" the design for my therapy room.  I'm loving it that much!  

Do you have a craft room, play space or multipurpose room that needs a family-friendly revamping?  Maybe this design plan will work for you too!  

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