Monday, June 6, 2016

A Complete Jewelry Storage Solution - Finally!

I've struggled with storage options for my jewelry collection over the years and never actually had it all in one space.  I had an organizer for my favorite earrings which lived on my chest of drawers.  I carved out another area on a shelf in my closet to store necklaces (mostly) but several pair of rogue earrings, pendants, charms, and watches also took up residence least some of the time.  Things really got out of control and the area became a tangled mess and other non-jewelry items also invaded the area.  I actually found a few interesting items as I purged the shelf into keep, donate, and trash - a plastic Easter egg filled with my youngest son's hair from his first haircut (he's 12 years old!), my expired passport, and a new car sticker from my college alma mater.  The jewelry, among other things, seemed to be here and there and everywhere!  I finally put a simple (and functional) system in place that's allowed me to organize ALL my jewelry in one spot.

My inspiration came in the form of an email from The Container Store which advertised the elfa closet system on sale for 30% off.  Woohoo!  Have you ever used this simple but super functional closet organizing system?  It's awesome!  We installed this system in all the small closets in our previous home to utilize the vertical wall space and expand our storage options.  But it's not just for closets.  I currently have the platinum line in my laundry room and we created a wall-mounted desk area in my son's room.  There are myriad uses and components with a variety of finishes.  

But back to organizing my jewelry... I created my storage solution using elfa door and wall rack components in white.  

I quickly installed it on the outside of my closet door with a helping hand from my husband.  I think it took us longer to find a park at The Container Store than actually installing the system!

  • First things first - we installed the standard rod using the over the door hooks which means we can take it with us if we ever move.  Once set, the system comes together in no time at all.
  • I added two skinny utility boards (~17" x 2.5") and hooks for necklaces at the top.  The top board holds extra long necklaces.  The lower board holds shorter necklaces.  I placed 14 hooks on each board.  
  • I placed a third board under the necklaces and inserted 4 plastic bins for bracelets and watches.
  • I inserted two slim hooks directly into door standard below bracelet organizer.  I found multi-pouch earring organizer which hangs from hooks.

This system takes up very little space in an area that generally goes unutilized.  I didn't have to find space - it was already there.  The elfa door and wall rack components allowed me to make the back of my closet door a functional part of my dressing area.  I use this system every single day and my jewelry has never remained this organized.  Do you know why I love this jewelry storage system?  Because it works! 

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