Monday, October 13, 2014

Burlap Memo/Photo Board

Several weeks ago I purchased a couple of black wall frames and burlap canvases for a project but ended up going a different way for mounting the art I wanted to display.  Given that I'd already opened everything, I couldn't return the supplies to Michael's so they've been sitting in my office/studio for the last few (okay, several) weeks.  Just sitting...taking up space and collecting dust.  

As I was recently perusing the aisles of HomeGoods (one of  my favorite haunts), I noticed some very cute burlap memo boards and had my Eureka moment.  I think I may have scared the lady who was standing near me when I said (to myself, outloud), "Aha, I've got it!".  She definitely gave me a funny look and hotfooted it off that aisle but I was too excited to care.  I could repurpose my frames and burlap canvas mats into memo/photo boards.

I originally intended to use the framed burlap canvas as a backdrop for a small painted canvas but it didn't come together as I'd hoped.  So here are the supplies I had on hand for my new project:
  • two 12" x 16 " black frames
  • two 12" x 16" burlap covered canvases
  • a few packages of decorative clothespins from scrapbooking 
  • natural jute twine
  • variety of scrapbook papers

I cut scrapbook paper into triangular shape to fold over twine for banner at top of board.  To me the banner gives the board interest and color (and I have lots of scrapbook paper that needs to be used).  You could even add letters to the banner to form a word.  A cute idea for a newly married couple would be to put their initials with an ampersand in between.  Wedding or honeymoon photos could be displayed on the board.  For a child's room, you could do the child's initials as a monogram with upper case letter (for last name) in middle with first and middle initials in lower case on either side.  The scrapbook paper can easily be coordinated to your style or room.  The possibilities are endless!

I tied banner at the top around back of canvas and also secured it with a couple of staples.  I did the same with two more lengths of twine in the middle and at the bottom.  Lastly, I placed burlap canvas in the frame, put backing on, and attached the decorative clothspins. 

This was a quick project once I had my "aha" moment.  I can't believe I let the supplies sit around for as long as I did but I'm glad the inspiration finally came to me.  Now I've just gotta figure out what I'm gonna do with the glass that came out of each frame...

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