Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Springtime Monogram Wreath

So my front entrance has been needing a little sprucing up. The empty flower pots and and blank door weren't doing much to welcome friends and family much less visitors.  So I picked up some new plants - white caladiums, purple Mexican heather, and lime green ipomoea vine - to freshen the flower pots.  I love the combination of dark green and lime green with the pop of purple! 

My Inspiration

This inspired me to embellish my existing door wreath with a fresh springtime theme.  I started this project with the oval grapvine wreath and decoupaged "H" which I previously used as a door decor.  I found everything I needed at Hobby Lobby to embellish it for spring.

Supplies needed:

- oval grapvine wreath (approimately 22" long x 16" wide)
- wooden monogram (my "H" is 9.5" tall and 9" wide that decoupaged in a white/black diamond wrapping paper
- 2.5" embroidered dragonfly ribbon
- 1.5" lime green textured ribbon
- florist wire for making and securing bow to wreath
- clock face knob
- dragonfly embellishment
- twine to tie dragonfly to knob post

I initially layered the textured green over the dragonfly ribbon but it  looked too heavy.  I loosely wrapped the lime green ribbon around the wreath to add color and texture.   I tied a loop of twine around draponfly embellishment then attached to post of knob behind face of knob.  To secure knob in place, I placed a washer over post and then tightened the nut in place.  

Lastly, I attached the dragonfly ribbon bow at the top against the knob.  The metal dragonfly dangles below bow and just above the letter.  

The embroidered dragonfly ribbon was a little pricey ($12.50 a roll at 50% off) but it's my favorite part of the wreath and brought the whole project together.  Look no further than your yard (or front porch), it just may inspire your next project.

Happy Spring!  

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