Sunday, March 1, 2015

Simple Spring Mantel

I haven't seen a single snowflake but winter storm Flu-Monia (that's influenza followed almost immediately by pneumonia) hit our family with a one-two punch in February.  And, yes, we got our flu shots!!  So much for that.  Now that March is finally here and we are feeling better, spring fever has set in. To usher in the new season (and to ward off any more sickness), I freshened up our family room mantel with a simple spring-inspired design.        

After watching an episode (okay, several episodes) of Fixer Upper between coughing fits and nebulizer treatments, I was inspired to do an assymetrical design for my mantel.  For one of her mantel designs, Joanna used three simple vases filled with flowers.  As lovely as it looked, I didn't want to have to maintain fresh flowers.  The idea I had in mind included three decorative items to the right of the mantel with a large art piece to the left.  Decorative items that I considered for my project included chunky candlesticks, unique vases, botanical-inspired sculptures and topiaries. Your options are limitless as long as you have three of something.  I created a set of three simple topiaries that I made using rustic pots and moss balls.  

Be on the look out for an upcoming post on Moss Ball Topiaries.

Last fall I purchased two beautiful pieces of art by Mary Gregory ( when I attended the antique show in Round Top, Texas.  The focal point of this art piece is a mother bird keeping watch over her nest of eggs.  It is very springlike in its theme...just perfect for my project.  I've had it safely tucked away in a closet just waiting for an opportunity to put it into the design mix.  I enjoy renewing my living space seasonally with small changes in art and accessories.

This project couldn't be simpler.  You probably already have a great piece of art and a few decorative objects stashed away in a closet. I hope this post inspires you to make some fresh changes to your home as you welcome the new season.

Happy Spring!

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