Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Wicker Chest Transformation

Many moons ago, my husband and I purchased a pair of wood-toned wicker chests at Pier 1 Imports.  It was one of our first "big" furniture purchases as a newly married couple. We needed something that would function as a bedside table but also offer storage for clothes.  Although we have since upgraded our bedroom furniture, I've held onto these chests for years.  They are still in excellent condition except for the outdated finish.  More than past due for a much-needed makeover, I transformed them with a black satin stain and new ceramic knobs.                    

Here is the "after" picture showing the transformation.  This chest sits in my guest bedroom flanked by twin beds.  The other chest will find a home in my office/studio.  So, are you curious about the "before"?  

Pretty amazing, right?  It's hard for me to believe my new and improved chests started out like this.  The transformation process is easier than you might think.    

I transferred the chest to my garage to give me a large ventilated work area.  After wiping the chests down with cotton cloth (no waxy or oily cleaner) to remove any dust, I removed drawers and drawer handles.  I lightly sanded the wood accents to removed any remaining varnish and dusted again with tack cloth.  Using a foam brush, I covered the body of the chest (front and sides) and drawer fronts with Minwax Polyshades in Satin Black.   

After allowing it to completely dry (24-48 hrs), I lightly sanded wood edging on the drawer fronts and body of chest to give it a slightly distressed look.  Use a fresh tack cloth to removed any dust from sanding. I then inserted the new ceramic knobs in the existing hole.  

Do you have an old chest sitting around just waiting for a makeover?  Give it a new and improved life by simply changing the finish with a two in one stain and new knobs. Check out Hobby Lobby and World Market for a variety of interesting knobs.  It's a project you can easily complete in a weekend to renew your uniquely nested home.   

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