Friday, September 18, 2015

Autumn Door Arrangement

We recently celebrated Labor Day weekend here in the United States which means most people enjoyed a day off on the first Monday of September.  Many people took advantage of the long (and hopefully relaxing) weekend by traveling to the lake or beach, visiting family and friends, and cooking out.  This particular weekend marks for me the official end of summer and the official beginning of autumn (even though the high temperature that day was a sweltering 97 degrees).  Despite the heat, I enjoyed a "labor of love" working along side my mom-in-law making autumn-inspired floral arrangements which can be used to decorate a tabletop or front door.  Maybe it will work like a rain dance and bring cooler temps?  A girl can always dream...

I made the first arrangement in a galvanized floral bucket (which could stand or hang on the door).  This one (below) is going to my sister. 

When I arrived home from the Labor Day weekend, I found a different container that I preferred for my front door.  Since I had a few floral supplies left over, I made another autumn arrangement for my door.

I found this great French-inspired galvanized hanging basket which is flat on the back with a handle at the top.  I loved the shape, color, and distressed finish.  It really stands out against my door.

First things first, I put floral foam inside container.  It was such a tight fit that I didn't even have to glue it in.  But you may need a little hot glue depending on your container.

Next, I added the three sunflowers which are the focus of the arrangement.

The faux berries or tiny crab apple branches came next.  I placed these along the back on each side and in the center.

The fall colored eucalyptus branches were placed next to fill in between berry branches and on either side of the sunflowers.  I added piece of eucalyptus trailing down along the left front.

The mossy green hydrangea was placed along the edge (back and front) to fill in any empty spots.

I added small bird nest on a stem adjacent to the sunflowers.  It gives the arrangement interest, it's kinda quirky, and it makes me happy.

I made a four-looped bow (tying it off with tan pipe cleaner) in a great striped ribbon.  I attached the bow to one of the stems I had trimmed of the flowers.  

I tucked bow into arrangement on the right side at the front.  The eucalyptus on the left and the bow on the right balance each other.

Here's the finished autumn door arrangement.  I like how the color of the distressed container stands out against the door and contrasts nicely with the flowers.  

Happy Fall Ya'll

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