Saturday, November 8, 2014

Christmas Invitation Party Popper

My sister and her friend recently recruited me to help them design a unique invitation for an upcoming Christmas celebration at a great restaurant.  They didn't want to do the standard electronic invitation or a simple printed one.  Since most invitations would be hand delivered, they wanted something fun and interactive.  No pressure.  But I had an idea...toilet paper rolls!  "Say what?" you utter in complete disbelief.  Stay with me.  You won't be disappointed.                              

I told you so! :)  It's hard to believe that this fun party popper started out its very humble life as a  toilet paper roll.  Our prototype did anyway.  I'll use my few recycled "rolls" for fun gift giving at Christamas or make party poppers for New Year's Eve.  Good news is that if you don't happen to have recycled toilet paper rolls handy, craft stores sell card board "craft tubes" in bulk.  To do my sister's project, we purchased a package of 24 tubes from Hobby Lobby.  These worked great for our project because they are a little sturdier than the recycled rolls.

Sometimes I hate that we are so digitally focused and rarely send actual invitations that you can hold in your hand.  I love getting snail mail as long as its cash awards (surprise - you've won a million dollars!) or a great invitation to an even greater party.  So here's how I created our party popper invitation:

Step 1:  Punch out 2 circles from scrapbook paper using a 3.5 inch circle paper punch.  Place tube on center on each circle and trace.  Cut around outer edge of circles just to tracing of tube.  Punch a small hole in center of one circle.  Cut a length of jute twine or ribbon and tie to half of a toothpick.  Thread  twine through hole in one of the circles so that toothpick catches on paper.

Step 2:  Using hot glue gun, attach the circle with twine/ribbon to one end of tube.

Step 3:  Fill the tube with a small amount of paper shred and Christmas confetti.  Then add paper invitation* rolled into scroll (and tied with ribbon).  Add a couple of small candy canes.  Top with a little more paper shred and confetti.

*Invitation:  I created a simple (and petite) printed invitation in a publishing software.  With four per page, I cut them with a paper cutter and backed with a coordinating scrapbook paper then rolled into scrolls.

Step 4:  Now that the tube is filled up, glue other circle to top to close it off.

Step 5:  Cover the tube with a rectangle of pretty paper.  I used left over wrapping paper (because I have way too much).  I cut several pieces for the craft tubes which measured 4.25" x 6.5 ".  Attach it to tube with glue gun.

Step 6:  Tadah!!  This is the finished tube after adding a tag and ribbon.

Ready or not, the Christmas season is upon us (even if it's not  Thanksgiving yet).  If you haven't already received an invitation, it's only a matter of days.  Maybe you'll receive a fun party popper invitation or maybe you"ll make some for your own celebation.  Whether it's a holiday party, birthday, or a baby shower, this fun and interactive invitation can be personalized just for you.  It's a perfect way to get the party started with a POP!      

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