Thursday, October 30, 2014

Autumn Tablescape

I've got roughly three weeks before family begins arriving to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday.  My sister made me the official host (which I happily accepted with slight trepidation).  I've never hosted a group or organized a meal quite this big so I'm feeling a little nervous.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed that everything goes off without a hitch and I don't mean the fire alarm.  A double oven (and a fairy godmother) would really come in handy too.  I can't complain though since my sister will be providing sleeping arrangements for the majority of our extended family.

To get into the spirit of the holiday, I'm decorating my dining room with an autumn tablescape which will still allow people to use the table for the Thanksgiving meal.  I like low arrangements so you can still socialize with the person across from you.  A few weeks ago, I enjoyed a trip to Round Top, Texas for a weekend of antiquing.  I purchased an antique Turkish dough riser to be the year-round centerpiece for my table.  It's unique, makes a bold statement, and decorations can easily be changed throughout the year for each season.

Here's how the table looks at the moment:

So the centerpiece has been sitting there empty save for a couple of candles.  I've been pondering how I could embellish it.  I could have just added small baking pumpkins or ghords to each section but wanted something that I could reuse each year.

Love this little bird

I purchased an 8 pound bag of pinto beans to fill up each empty section about half way.  It raises up the decorations so they can actually be seen.  I found fall foliage pieces (small pumpkin with leaves on a flexible stem) at Hobby Lobby for half off.

I placed one in each section along with a candle or a small bird nest.  I covered any open areas (where beans showed) with wine corks and silk fall leaves.  For the two areas with the large white candles, I placed a few leaves around them.  Although my centerpiece has multiple sections, you could easily do this with an open wooden tray, ceramic bowl, or basket.

I've learned that planning ahead and prepping ahead (when possible) helps reduce any stress.  I'm so happy with how my autumn tablescape project turned out.  It has inspired me to begin planning my menu and putting that fairy godmother to work (once I find her).  Remember...there is always something to be thankful for - especially family, friends, and good food.  

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