Friday, November 21, 2014

Organizing Your DIY Craft Table

So for those of you who have a craft table similar to the one I created or for the DIYers out there who actually braved the bowels of IKEA to purchase the components that I used, I decided the least I could do is give you tips on organizing your DIY Craft Table supplies.  This baby holds a lot of stuff!

In addition to a few mesh file folders, clear storage containers, and magazine holders, I used four of the Branas baskets - two on each end.                      

Paper Punches & Scissors:  I have a great wall shelf with cubbies and hooks which hangs on the wall above my craft table.  I recently snagged this for 50% off at Hobby Lobby.  The cubbies hold my paper punches.  The hooks hold my scissors and handle punches. I previously had my punches in a clear container which lived on a shelf below the table top.  I use them often so I wanted them more accessible and this shelf has allowed that to happen.  It's not only functional but asthetically pleasing too! 

Cutting Tools:  A Branas basket holds all my cutting tools (except scissors and punches).  I have several cutting mats in different sizes, a shape cutting tool, and couple of different straight line paper cutters.  I use my Fiskars 12" personal paper trimmer most often.  I'm hoping that Santa might bring me a Cricut or Silouette machine for Christmas.  I've been very good this year (at least I think so).

Cloth Ribbon:  I use clear glass jars I purchased at Target to store my cloth ribbon spools.  I recently saw some cute glass jars at Kirkland's too.  I can easily see what I have on hand and these jars hold several spools.  For larger width ribbon, I stacked the spools on top of each other inside a glass hurricane.

Craft Paint/Supplies & Adhesives:  I don't use my craft paint very often but have a myriad of colors which have accumulated with each project.  These fit perfectly standing up in a photo storage box.  I have another photo storage box which holds painting tools - small brushes, foam brushes, etc.  Both boxes fit inside a Branas basket just fine with some room left over on the side for larger bottles/cans like Mod Podge, spray adhesive, etc.  

Scrapbook Paper and Stickers:  I have two mesh file folders that have worked like a charm to organize my scrapbooking paper.  I probably do more paper crafting than anything else so again accessibility and easy organization was essential.  I'm actually in the process of reorganizing my stickers into a 3-ring binder which will slide into one the file folders.  One file folder holds all my solid colored paper and the other holds all the patterned paper.  See picture below for a clever way to file your solids by color family.

Craft Supplies:  A third Branas basket holds mostly craft supplies and few items I keep on hand for floral arranging.  Within the basket I have clear containers to further organize items into respective categories:  chipboard letters, glue gun, different sized clothespins, and jewelry making.

Sewing:  The fourth Branas basket holds supplies for sewing including the foot pedal, instruction manual, and different colored threads.  My sewing machine sits on the shelf below the basket.  

I hope this post gave you some good ideas on organizing your craft supplies (even if you don't have the table).  I think it's important to group like items and keep the tools you use most often in the most accessible area.  I find that I craft more since creating my table and organizing my supplies.  Clean up is also a snap because everything has a home.  

Now, put on your big girl panties (again), pull out your craft supplies and get organizing.  Your uniquely nested craft space will thank you!!  

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