Thursday, June 4, 2015

Asian Lettuce Wraps

Well the heat is already on down here in Texas and it's only gonna get hotter.  I'm always thinking about light, easy and healthy summertime meals.  Why?  Because it feels like summer here about nine months out of the year.  Not complaining.  I can tolerate the heat and humidity over the cold and endless snow.  Although I do miss the four seasons.  Let me tell you, autumn in North Carolina is gorgeous!  I digress...

So back to the business of making lettuce wraps.  Since I had a variety of veggies on hand - red bell pepper, English cucumber, green onion, carrot - I decided to create my version of lettuce wraps using honey battered chicken.    

I happened to have a bag of frozen honey battered chicken breast tenders which my older son loves.  Using the frozen chicken was very convenient but in the future I'd like to make my own honey battered chicken tenders using fresh chicken.

To assemble:  I added two pieces of honey chicken on top of a single lettuce leaf then added a small amount of each veggie plus a little sweet chili sauce.  


Wrap it up and enjoy!  It's messy so have a napkin handy.  

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