Monday, October 19, 2015

ENTER if you DARE - Halloween Home Tour

Although my Halloween decorating started in the foyer with a simple pumpkin vignette on my entrance table, I just couldn't stop there.  The decorating continued with a polka dotted pumpkin patch along my adjacent dining room table and migrated into my kitchen, family room, and even the powder room.  Well, you know what they say, "Go big or go home!"  I've got a few ideas for you so it's not too late to get into the "spirit" of things!  Are you ready to take quick tour of our haunted lair?


Our haunted house begins just outside the entrance to our home with a smiling skeleton and a mischievous crow bidding you welcome along with fall flowers and a cluster of pumpkins.

A small walkway leads to our front porch where another skeleton is hanging out on the door.  Say "hello" to Mr. Bones.  He is decked out in his superhero costume with his candy bag at the ready.  I cut the mask from felt and the cape came from an existing dress up set I already had on hand.

Mr. Bones is flanked by two pots of white mums and more pumpkins.  We will have fun carving these orange pumpkins the weekend before Halloween.

I love how the morning sun is highlighting the pumpkins in this photo.  My porch tends to be very shady in the afternoon so I chose white mums because they stand out more in the shade.


The designs in the foyer and dining include the polka dot pumpkins that I created in September.  It's fun, whimsical, and not too scary.  The theme is black and creamy white with a little glitter bling.  For the entrance table, I created a monogram polka dot pumpkin.  My crow friend sits atop the monogram pumpkin.

I displayed it with a large black glitter pumpkin and a small black glitter pumpkin.  The large pumpkins are elevated on ceramic cake stands in a muddy orange color.  The smaller pumpkin is elevated on a tall orange candle stick.  I added a small chalkboard sign at the top the candlestick that says - Enter if you Dare - which gives all our guests fair warning as they enter our haunted lair.

Here's a wide shot of the entrance table to show the small vignette.  The colors of my existing artwork worked perfectly with my scheme.  I love when a plan comes together!  I purchased this table at IKEA a few years ago and love it!  Each family member has a shoe basket below and small basket at the top.  It keeps us organized (at least some of the time).  

The small trays I normally use to collect sunglasses and keys remained in place.  I added a Halloween ribbon around the candles and place faux bones in the base of each holder.


The black and cream theme continues into the adjacent dining room.  Once again, I've converted my antique dough riser into a unique Halloween display just perfect for the spooky season.  This time around it has become a polka dotted (albeit haunted) pumpkin patch.  

I alternated four polka dot pumpkins along the dough riser sections Two black glitter pumpkins elevated on white stands sit between the polka dot pumpkins.  Green moss in tucked into each section to cover the filler (beans) and to add to the creepy vibe.

I made the center of the display the focal point with two elevated black stands which both hold a foam skull inside an open top.  Small chalkboard signs tell guests to "beware", "turn back now", and that it's a "dead end".  Our guests can't say I didn't give them fair warning!  Three dimensional bats hang from the light fixture to guard the pumpkin patch.

In addition to the dining table, I embellished the existing console table as well.  I covered some books in coordinating scrapbook papers in cream, black, and tan.  The books elevate a ceramic horse head - we call him Mr. Ed - who is sporting a fantastic feathered mask for Halloween and a chevron bow.  

Two mercury glass candlesticks and two large black glitter pumpkins flank the sides.  I added the word - BOO - vertically above the display by taping it to back of existing artwork.

Bats dangle from the light fixture to watch over the haunted pumpkin patch along the dining table.


The witch hat and spider topiaries give the kitchen and family a spooky vibe.  

Additional bats and a chalkboard sign telling you to "Eat-Drink-Be Scary" complete the vignette in the kitchen window.  

A "bewitching" vignette adjacent to the kitchen highlights the space along the top of our piano.  


I just couldn't resist!  What do they say?  Laughter is the best medicine.  I hope this wisdom doesn't exclude bathroom humor.

I live in a house full of boys (with the exception of our doggy daughter) so our bathrooms (especially the downstairs powder room) gets a lot of action and isn't always smelling like a rose...just sayin'.  You MOBs (moms of boys) out there know what I'm talking about!

I added this simple galvanized chalkboard to an easel along with a few embellishments to set the stage.

I hope this tour has given you some ideas for decorating your home for Halloween.  You still have 12 days before the little spooks start knocking at your door!

Mr. Bones says...Happy Haunting!

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